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Ohai, thanks for visiting me! I hope you enjoy my digital drawings and paintings, and tolerate my photography ~ =D

Though I usually don't use the request critique feature, please please please critique if you see something off!
Also, even if I don't say 'thank you' for every :+fav:, I deeply appreciate every one! <3


Digital Art Commission Info

RL money commissions are currently: OPEN!
Points commissions are currently: CLOSED!

I'm currently taking PayPal commissions for digital art of varying levels of detail. Please note me if interested!

Rules, guidelines, FYIs:
- I would say I specialize in drawing such-and-such kinds of things, but to be honest my main drawing subjects are all over the board so chances are, I'll be able to draw any kind of animal, humanoid or monster ordered. That said, I can't give any guarantees on things I'm completely unfamiliar with.
- I will not draw anything with extreme or excessive blood and gore, nudity, sexual themes, or otherwise inappropriate topics. Sorry, I just won't.
- The order form given below MUST be used! This makes my job a thousand times easier.
- Please note me if you're interested in ordering; don't comment on my profile or gallery.
- I will send you a sketch of your picture once you give me your order information. Once this is approved, I'll complete the rest of the picture. I want to be as accurate to that image in your head as possible, so please don't hesitate to say 'can you change...' when the sketch or completed picture is sent to you.
- Please make sure that there is an order slot open BEFORE you send me that note!
- References for your character(s) are extremely helpful and will increase my chance of completing your picture accurately.
- I won't send you the finished picture until I receive payment.
- Yes, I do accept points as payment, but only when points commissions are open.
- I may reserve a slot, but for no longer than two weeks.

Order slots:
Deviant who ordered - payment status - picture status
1 - Open
2 - Open
3 - Open
4 - Open
5 - Open

+ Sketches +
$2.00 (extra characters 50 cents each)
Simple, roughly-lined pictures with a transparent background (or solid-colored if you'd prefer). Please specify if you'd like the sketch drawn digitally or scanned if you have a preference (I default to digital), but keep in mind that I can't do transparent BGs on scanned sketches.

+ Lineart +
$3.00 (extra characters are 75 cents each)
Like a sketch, but with smoother lines. Same deal as the sketch background-wise.

+ Flat color +
$6.00 (extra characters are $1.00 each)
A colored picture with no shading and a single-colored or transparent background. If you'd like to add shading, it will cost an extra $1.50.

+ Shaded with background +
$10.00 (extra characters are $2.50 each - buy one extra character, get second free!)
Detailed, shaded picture with a complex background. You choose the setting of the picture (ex. mountains, forest, city).

Order form -
Level of detail:
Character reference sheet(s):
Character actions/pose(s):
Background details:
Anything else:


200 Watchers? Y'all are nuts. 

3 deviants said Buuh thank you! You guys are awesome! <333333
1 deviant said Seriously though I feel like I should commemorate this somehow it seems like some kind of landmark


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 18, 2013, 10:07 AM
~*~ Tumblr ~*~ CaronGeia ~*~ Gallery ~*~

Good golly it seems like I've been away from DA forever.  Apologies to my watchers!  I'll try and upload more stuff and generally be more active around here in the future.  Also, if you messaged me any time in the past... three months I'm once again very sorry and will be getting back to you shortly! D:

A large part of my absence has been caused by the fact that I started at college this August.  First time in public education.  Ever.  Fun fun stuff, yo.
Seriously though, school's been great.  Met a lot of neat people and I think I'm learning a lot!  It's just extraordinarily time-consuming, and when I'm not at school or doing homework I've been pretty well worn out and don't feel like doing anything that requires thinking.  HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS FOR MOST OF THE FIRST EIGHTEEN YEARS OF YOUR LIVES I DON'T UNDERSTAND

Anyhoo, so wow yeah haven't spent much time actually drawing things outside of sketches as of late, and what doodles did get scanned in have ended up on my Tumblr.  Really I should be posting them here too I guess. :C
Now to sort through all of those 1,700 messages!

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  • Watching: Silly YouTube videos
  • Playing: Skyromg
  • Eating: All manner of unhealthy things


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

I'm Torrentpelt, AKA Falconblade AKA Alice Leonhart AKA Jane Lindley, and I'm a PC.

I'm an 19-year-old self-proclaimed amateur professional doodler and art appreciator, and have been drawing ever since I can remember.
Most people call me Falcon, Falco, Torrent, Torry, Torre, Cutthroat Bitch, or just plain Alice.

My struggling RP site is as follows; please do visit if you have time to help out!

Sculpture Commission Info

Commissions are currently: OPEN!

I've been sculpting in Sculpey clay for over 9 years, and Model Magic for around 6. I thought I'd see if I could make a little profit off one of my main hobbies, so I'm opening PayPal commissions!

Rules, guidelines, FYIs:
- For skinny, tall, lanky, or long-appendage'd characters, I'll probably need to use a more extensive armature than normal, which will take extra time and effort on my part, thus will cost more. I doubt you'll ever end up paying more than an extra $3.00 for a complex armature, and I'll let you know if I might need to use one.
- When ordering, please note me instead of posting on my profile! This helps me stay organized.
- When ordering, providing reference sheets is infinitely appreciated. Pictures featuring your character are also fine.
- As always, be polite. Just because you're paying doesn't mean I'm your slave!
- I won't ship your sculpture until I receive payment.
- For obvious reasons, I'll need your address. This information will remain completely between you and me (and, I guess, the postal service).
- Non-North-American customers may be subject to an extra charge since it will cost me more to ship!
- I may or may not get right on sculpting as soon as I get your order, depending on how many pending orders I have already. Note that it could take as much as one month for me to even get started if there are orders ahead of yours; sculpting these things takes time!
- I only take a small number of orders at a time since sculptures can sometimes take quite a while to finish, so please make sure there's at least one order slot open before you order.

Order slots:
1 - Open
2 - Open
3 - Open

+ Polymer Figures +

These figures are made in Sculpey and are hand-painted in acrylic. They are more durable than Model Magic figures, but as Sculpey is more expensive and has to be painted, I have to charge more for them.
I'll seal your figure in a matte finish unless you specify otherwise. I can do unfinished or gloss as well.

Small figures (6 inches tall or less, not poseable. Ornament hooks like the one in the second example can be added for no extra charge, just ask!): $20.00

+ Model Magic Figures +

These figures are lightweight and easily fixed if broken, but can't have as much detail as the Sculpey models. If you're looking for more of a 'toy' than a decoration, these would be better for you.
Note: It is best if Model Magic figures remain undisturbed for at least a week to dry and firm up before they're handled and shipped, though it depends heavily on how big the figure is. I'll send your figure on its way as soon as I'm confident that it won't get smooshed in shipping.

Small figures (8 inches tall or less, not poseable): $10.00

Large figures (over 8 inches tall, not poseable): $15.00 - $35.00 (price will vary greatly based on size and amount of clay used)

Small poseable figures (8 inches tall or less, with pompom joints for flexibility): $20.00


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Ranohara Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Ahhhh oh my gosh happy birthday Tor!!!! :D I hope it's an awesome one uvu
Torrentpelt Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Have I really not been on DA in A MONTH OMG
Thank you, Shiba! ;A; <3
Ranohara Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh dang, s'a long time! :o No problem! uvu
kdrj4402 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
do u do point commission?
Torrentpelt Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Not at this time, nope!  There's a good possibility that I'll start them up again at some point in the future, and I'll post a notification when/if that happens.
kdrj4402 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Will u let me know when or if that happens
Torrentpelt Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No promises I'll remember, but sure, I'll write down a note-to-self. =P
Tickle-Me-Turquoise Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Torrentpelt Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
*is flopped on* OMG have I really not been on DA for A MONTH WHAT THE HECK SCHOOL

So heeyyyyy Toof! :D How's life?
Tickle-Me-Turquoise Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It's good ahhh :D I haven't been on here in ages and I had like, 1000 messages. o___o Needless to say, I deleted them all. XD 
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